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Quick start guide


Note: It is highly recommended to use just enough items to easily get the crafting recipes and additional information. Also note: English is not my native language.

First: Fuel production

First, we need to collect canola seeds. They can be obtained the same way as normal seeds. Simply destroy grass.
You can cultivate and harvest canola the same way as wheat.
Now we need an oil mill to produce canola oil out of the crops.
To operate the mill we need energy from a dynamo with a crank.
Later you can use a generator, which is far more efficient but requires fuel and an engine to operate.
To operate the dynamo, place the crank on top of the dynamo block and right-click it to produce electricity. Crank the crank.

You need to connect the dynamo and the mill with a cable.
Now we can produce canola oil. The mill will collect the oil. You will get rape cake as a byproduct, which can be used as fodder for animals which also like wheat.

Second, we require methanol. You need to craft a blast furnace and put wood logs into it. The furnace also needs energy.

Now we need to mix both fluids in the backmix reactor. You can connect the oil mill and the blast furnace with fluid pipes to the backmix reactor.
Do not forget to put fluid extractors at the mill and the furnace to get the fluids flow! The backmix reactor also needs to be connected to the dynamo to work.

Next, we need a split tank. Now simply connect the backmix reactor and the split tank with fluid pipes and a fluid extractor.
The split tank doesn't need electricity to work. Only time!

By the way, you can always store your fluids in tanks after every step. Do not forget the fluid extractors and make sure you are not mixing up your fluids as it can mess up your process. To prevent mixing of different fluids, you can use filters in fluid extractors.

For filters, you have to gather one bucket of the specific fluid. This may take a while. To apply a filter, you can place a bucket (filled with the specific fluid, you want to filter) in the slot of the fluid extractor (Right-click the fluid extractor to see the slot).

The split tank will output two different fluids.
One is biodiesel, which we can collect in a tank or directly output to a fuel station.
The other is glycerin, which for now, is useless but has to be collected in a tank to make the split tank process go on.

With enough fuel produced, you can craft a generator powered by biodiesel.
The generator is far more efficient than the dynamo.
You can supply the generator directly with biodiesel from a fluid pipe or by a canister.
To learn how to operate a canister, read the Vehicle Operation Manual below.


  • Once again: Do not forget to put fluid extractors at blocks you want to pump from to get the fluids flowing!
  • One tank stores 16 buckets of fluid!
  • 16 buckets = 16000mb (millibuckets)
  • To get fuel out of a tank with a bucket, the tank must have at least ONE bucket (1000mb) of content!
  • If you can not see any fluids (in tanks), be reminded that for example, 100mb = 1/10 Minecraft buckets! This is not much and can barely be seen
  • Oil mills, Blast furnaces and Backmix reactors do have an energy storage
  • All machines do have an integrated fluid buffer storage
  • It is recommended to use fluid filters in fuel extractors to prevent fluid blocking

Note: You can connect as many tanks as you wish by placing them side by side. If you break a tank with fluid, the tank will store the fluid!!!

Basic process representation. To fully understand the process, please read everything above! For a more detailed picture click here

Second: Car crafting

To craft a car we need one car workshop block and 8 car workshop parts.
Place the car workshop on one block on any surface. And the 8 workshop parts around the main block.

To use the workshop, right-click on it. Simply craft the car parts you need for your car and place them on the correct workshop slot.

You can choose your car color by using different colors for the car parts. For the wooden cars, you can use every wood type you like for the car body part item. You can not mix colors. For the other vehicles, you can use the 16 different hardened clay colors. If this is a bit confusing, simply look at the car crafting recipes.

In the workshop, you also can repair your car. You have to craft the repair tools and put them into place on the workshop repair page. Remember: Your car has to be in the workshop area (top surface) to get noticed.


Vehicle Operation Manual:

When you spawn your car on the workshop, it will have 10% of fuel. So you can drive to the next fuel station. You can also refuel your car by a canister.

To drive, you have to turn on your engine first by pressing "R"!!!

By pressing "I" while sitting in the car the car-UI will open. Here you can check your damage and fuel level. There will also be your damage indication and your car inventory. You can also access your car inventory from the outside by shift-right-clicking it.

For transporters, the outside inventory is a separate inventory so you can transport more stuff.

The canister can be refuelled by shift-right-clicking a fuel station.
To refuel your car with a canister you also have to shift-right-click the car with the canister.

If you are run out of fuel, you can push your car by sneaking against it.

If you craft a vehicle, you will get two keys which will be in the car inventory.

You can duplicate your key by putting a key and an iron ingot into a crafting table. The new key will be a copy of your old key.

You can repair your car in the car workshop or with a repair kit.
The repair kit will repair 5% of damage. Be aware: If your car has 95% of damage or more, the car will be destroyed if a player (that is not in creative mode) hits the car with more than 2 damage points. Only a few parts will drop.

Third: Road construction

Craft and place asphalt as you like. With a painter or yellow painter, you can make street markings. And remember, that there are also different asphalt slopes and slabs. The street safety can be increased by adding crash barriers to the side of roads.



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  4. si scarica qui http://www.9minecraft.net/ultimate-car-mod/
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    by tomthomas2006

  5. Canister doesn't work
    Can somebody help me?

    1. You have to sneak, and right-click to full fuel station

  6. helo excuse me i got a problem i follwed ech step to produce gas and make a car but i get a message of saying block on top and idk what it means i did everything right and it won't let me spawn a basic oak wood car can anyone help out with this error or if i did something wrong?

  7. how to change skin in forge 1.12.2 So PLZ HELP

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  9. the mod is great but im on a lan party and my friend is constantly stealing my cars, and i was wondering how do i lock it?

    1. Right click while holding the key that came with your car to lock your car

  10. how do i use the custom markings on the roads, it's probably very simple and i'm just being stupid, but i can only seem to get the default marking

  11. how can I change road markings? nothing seems to work yet, I get only defaul

    1. Shift right click while holding the painter.

  12. How do you make custom number plates?

  13. How do I use the painter to get lane markings? I only get the triple-arrow when I right-click with it.

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  15. Where I can download this mod??

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